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The number range settings should be regarded as a system-wide overall setting, which applies to a variety of objects on the system. These objects or documents are standard SAP objects, however customer number ranges are very common as well. Here's a transaction code overview for relevant Number Range related transactions:

  • SM56 - Number Range Buffer (administrator type stuff, resetting buffers)
  • SNUM - Number Range Object Maintenance (object name should be supplied)

Number Ranges for...

  • CLNK.. Class Maintenance
  • CS91.. Standard BOMs
  • CS92.. Sales Order BOMs
  • CTNK.. Characteristics
  • CUNK.. Dependencies
  • CV91.. Doc. Structures
  • LN01.. Transfer Requirem.
  • LN02.. Transfer Orders
  • LN03.. Quants
  • LN04.. Posting Changes
  • LN06.. Group Number
  • LN07.. WM Communic.Rec.
  • OK11.. Cost Plg/Budgeting
  • OMAD.. Batch Numbers
  • OMH6.. Purch. Documents
  • OMH7.. Purch. Requisition
  • OMH8.. Service Package
  • OMH9.. Entry Sheet
  • OMJK.. Reservations
  • OMLW.. Whse Management
  • OP63.. Ref.Operation Sets
  • QP48.. Physical Samples
  • VT09.. Log VT04
  • WC61.. Replenishment Run

Technical detail The actual number range settings are held on table NRIV - Number Range Intervals.