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SAP's Business Application message logging is made available through the Object Oriented paradigm, which makes it very available indeed. Check out this example on how ready-to-use classes can be used in your coding:

The class we are implementing here is called CL_ISHMED_BAL and it's purpose is to log messages of all sorts. The messages can be displayed in an ALV report or stored on the database ready for SLG1 to be reported on.

CONSTANTS: co_slg0_object TYPE balobj_d VALUE 'ALERT',
  co_slg0_subobject TYPE balsubobj VALUE 'PROCESSING'.
DATA: go_log type ref to CL_ISHMED_BAL.

    i_object    = co_slg0_object
    i_subobject = co_slg0_subobject
    i_repid     = sy-repid.

* Start logging messages: 
      i_msg_type = 'W' "Warning
      i_text = 'This is a warning message for you' ). 

* Another message, added in alternative way:
      i_type = 'I' "Informational
      i_id = 'V2' 
      i_number = 123 
      i_message_v1 = 'Eyes and ears' ).

Whatever messages are applicable, e.g. when processing an interface, you can add messages to the go_log object. At the end of the program run, the message can be displayed, or even saved:

* Now display the messages
  go_log->display( ). 
  go_log->save( ). 

The display and save methods really don't need anything other than the actual method call. "It" knows exactly what to display or save.