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Welcome in the info pit called AbapcadabrA, an article repository covering a great variety of subjects on Abap and SAP technical matters. This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by SAP AG. In fact: all of the content on this website is composed by 1 person, independent of SAP. has been online since 1999 and is updated continuously. There are over 500 articles and there are ready-to-use free downloads of all sorts on this website. Feel free to surf around. 

What's new ? - and what's Old news

23/01/2020 Back in business - has been reset, it's articles are still the same but a new Joomla template was set up to make it all available to you. Motto: simplified.
02/01/2020 Immediately available for new job-opportunities !.
17/11/2019 So what happened during AbapcadabrA's black-out period ? I did a 1.5 year project with Deloitte at Delhaize- which is Albert Heijn, Gall & Gall and Etos. Payroll linked up to Successfactors for 100.000 employees. Learned a lot on this project, that's a certainty.
15/11/2019 AbapcadabrA has been available on the web in a frozen state. A local XAMPP version is being maintained, away from where a hacker can do harm, and no updates have been moved to for over a year. A recovery is being done.